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As a seasoned M&A | Strategy executive, I help Mobility and Auto-related companies realize their full potential 


"...I feel like I'm walking slowly down the path of committing to the things we identified as being important in my life. I feel like before I was drifting from what was important and now I am drifting less."

- Randy K. 

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  • Help you see your strengths so that you can maximize them

  • Create a safe place for you to test alternative strategies toward a compelling personal vision

  • Expose the blindspots and unhealthy mindsets that are holding you back

  • Provide much needed reassurance as you move out of your comfort zone

Founder, Todd Olsen Coaching and Consulting

During my 30-year career at Ford, I had some amazing experiences – Started a JV in Shanghai, China, negotiated multi-billion $$ deals selling companies like Aston Martin and Volvo, and helped the company develop its self-driving car strategy.


In early 2016, I sensed God calling me into a new adventure so I voluntarily retired from a successful career at Ford.  I took a whole year off of work.  After hiring my own coach, I used that time to prepare for my next big adventure. 


I’ve discovered that I love to empower people through trustworthy, 1-to-1 partnerships – helping them understand God’s amazing design for their life.


On a personal level, I’ve been happily married to Kathy for over 32 years. Together we have 5 kids (ages 31 to 17) and 5 grandkids. ​ I love activities that bring me outdoors – mountain biking, downhill skiing, hiking, camping.  We’ve lived in both Asia and Europe, and love to experience new things through friendships with people of different cultures. 



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  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month

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  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month

  • Ad hoc email consultations with me


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