My core values are responsibility (I’m pretty serious about keeping my commitments), perseverance (as an “Achiever”, I’ll do what it takes to get a job done), transparency (I like an open, honest dialogue), and respect (I adopt a learner mindset and try not to make an unfair judgment).  I’m at my best in relating to others on a 1-1 basis.  As a strategic thinker, I love to find insightful ideas and useful tools to help my clients.  My passion is to help people discover their God-given strengths so they can develop effective strategies for a fruitful life.


I’m convinced that coaching is the best process for helping healthy people walk fully into the life they were designed for.  This coaching business allows me the opportunity to have a deep, meaningful impact on a few people who really want to make a difference with their life.


Certified Professional Life Coach

200 + Hours

 Coach Specific Training

600 + Hours

Paid Coaching

with Clients

25 + Years

Leadership Experience

Work, Church & Various Ministries



(734) 572-4653



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