Top achievers (whether in sports, business, ministry, whatever) will enlist the services of a coach.  Why?  They know that if it’s possible to get to a 6 or a 7 on their own, the right coach can help them get to a 9 or a 10.  How?  An experienced coach listens and watches for those subtle, hidden things that can make a big difference.  A coach can point out a key strength so you can further maximize it, or perhaps hear an unhealthy mindset that is bogging you down. A coach really gets to know you and can provide the reassurance you need to tackle that bold vision.


As your coach, I’ll meet one-on-one with you (usually by phone) on a regular basis and on a schedule that fits you. I’ll listen deeply and ask powerful questions that help you get to the root of those surface challenges.  I’ll help you discover a truly compelling vision that motivates you to keep moving forward and upward.​



Take the first step today, and schedule a complimentary inquiry session to learn how my coaching process can help you lead a more effective and fruitful life.



per month

  • Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month

  • Ad hoc email consultations with me



per month

  • Three 1-hour coaching sessions per month

  • Ad hoc email consultations with me

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