Maximize Your Strengths


The Gallup Strengths Finder is an amazing tool as it highlights the unique mix of talents that God has endowed you with. Identifying your strengths is a great start, but simply knowing what they are is not enough. Here we'll go deeper to explore how you can truly maximize your strengths.


Your strengths ... 

  • Are reflected in your personality, your ‘be’ing

  • Empower your work, your ‘do’ing

  • Connect you meaningfully with others, your ‘relating’

In this Personal Discovery Exercise (pages 4-8 of your DFL Journal) you’ll go deeper to consider the key life stories where each of your top 5 strengths shows up.  As you reflect on these stories, what are the key words that describe your ‘be’ing, ‘do’ing and ‘relating’?  Also consider how your strength can sometimes get you into trouble.  What strategies can you employ to manage each of your strengths?

Form your “Strengths Brand Statement” — On page 9 of your DFL Journal you’ll have an opportunity to put all the pieces together from your top 5 strengths to form a cohesive statement that uniquely reflects you. Getting to a concise statement that truly fits you is hard work, but you’ll discover that the clarity it provides will greatly enhance your ability to discern your Calling as well as make better life decisions.

If seeing a completed example of the Personal Discovery Exercise would be helpful, checkout the download section within this module.

Coach / Partner Conversations:

As you reflect on the stories where your strengths were genuinely utilized, what feelings came up for you? What specific actions can you pursue to further maximize your strengths? Share your Strengths Brand Statement with your partner or coach and ask them to help you refine it.