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A couple of years ago my close friends bought a large sailboat and they now spend about half of each year sailing from one island to another in the Caribbean. I love their adventurous spirit!

Last year while sailing near Saba, my friends casually met the French family who owns the boat in the picture above. This boat was not a weekend play toy for this family. This was their home! So you can imagine that when they found their boat up against the rocks, they were devastated.

You see... When a large sailboat drifts into the rocks, it’s almost certain destruction. These boats are designed with a very heavy keel to help them sail through large waves. But that heavy keel makes it very difficult to pull them back out into safer waters. Each wave picks up the boat and then violently drops it back down on the rocks.

So how does something like this happen?

This is a beautiful vessel that is impeccably designed to both sail the high seas to amazing destinations and provide a comfortable home for its occupants. However, if it’s not sailing on its designed course or is not properly anchored, then this beautiful vessel begins to drift. Sailboats were never designed to drift. And when a sailboat drifts, it’s only a matter of time before there’s real trouble.

This story got me to reflect on life

Do you see situations where perhaps a business, organization, or family begins to drift? Or perhaps you know an individual who is drifting? What happened when they began to drift into the rocks? Were they able to ‘save the vessel’ or did it become a ‘salvage operation’?

As I wrestled with these questions, I had to admit that I’ve seen plenty of examples of drifting in my life.

  • I’ve worked with businesses that keep doing the same thing they’ve always done, while seemingly unaware that the felt needs of its customers are slowly and consistently moving away from their product or service offering.

  • When me and my fellow colleagues found ourselves not fully engaged (and bored) in our work, it was a sign that the organization we were serving was propably adrift.

  • I’ve been in seasons where I’m not intentionally moving towards my wife and kids, consequently my family begins to drift.

When we forget what we were designed for and we’re not being intentional to set our course towards a meaningful destination, we are drifting.

Here’s the challenge. Once the vessel eventually drifts into a shoal or rocky shore, it’s often too late to save the ship. The occupants of the ship can jump onto a life boat and be saved, but the ship is often a lost cause. Likewise, when a business or organization drifts near the rocks it will be forced to sell its assets to someone who can more effectively use them. A family adrift eventually files for divorce. The people survive with some bruises and cuts, but then need to regroup and start over.

So how do I get me some of that Drift Insurance?

  1. Get clarity on what you and/or your organization has been designed for. – Answer the question “Why do I (we) exist?”

  2. Identify the people you’ve been called to serve and bless. What problems do they have that you are equipped to help resolve? – “What is a compelling vision for me (our organization)?”

  3. Get a bearing on where you are now. – “Where am I (we)?”

  4. Chart a course towards that compelling vision. – “How will I (we) get there?”

The truth is, these are really hard questions. If they were easy, we would not have companies falling into bankruptcy or families filing for divorce. This is where it’s so helpful to get an outside perspective. To find someone who can help untangle all the great ideas that are wrapped up inside of your head so that you can get the clarity you need.

My new career – Drift Insurance

A bit more than a year ago I voluntarily retired from a career at Ford that I absolutely loved. This last year has been a year of deep reflection, some world travel (places like Nepal and China), detoxing from a busy corporate career, and training to be a certified professional life coach. In the process, I’ve gotten clarity on my identity, calling and am now formally announcing my new businesses. In a true sense, both of these businesses offer to people a form of ‘Drift Insurance’.

Designed For Legacy – Is my new platform that will provide professional coaching, life enrichment courses, and an engaging community for healthy, motivated people to realize God’s full potential in life.

Today I’m launching my first course, which is designed to provide the inspiration and tools to help you answer the challenging questions above. My course is priced at $120, and I’m offering a $30 coupon for those who sign up before the end of March. As and when you complete the course, you’ll receive a $30 completion reward as my way of celebrating your success. This brings the total cost down to just $60! Check it out here – BUY NOW

Todd Olsen Coaching – As I decided to leave Ford, I enlisted the support of a coach. I found it to be an amazing process. My coach patiently listened to me as I poured out my heart. Without judging me, he asked me powerful questions that caused me to go deeper and consider new perspectives that I otherwise would have missed. He challenged me to take my own ideas and to direct them into meaningful actions. Through that process, I discovered that this is the work I want to do. Coaching is a profession that is ideally suited to my personality and strengths.

If coaching sounds intriguing to you, check out my website. Better yet, schedule a complimentary session with me and we can meet over the phone (or in person if you’re near Ann Arbor, MI). SCHEDULE NOW

So what happened to the large sailboat in my opening story?

The family had tied up the boat to a mooring in the bay while they left for a 3 day tour of Saba island. Adverse weather brought big waves causing the mooring line to get caught under the bilge-keel and rudder, chafing the mooring line until it eventually broke loose. The good news is that no one was seriously hurt in the salvage operation, but the boat appears to have been a total loss. You can see the rescue operation here – WATCH RESCUE OPERATION

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