Start From a Position of Strength

God has uniquely designed you with a unique combination of strengths (talents). To become the exceptional person God has designed you for, it's vital to focus first on your strengths. Most of us have been told that we should focus on our weaknesses, but have you considered what happens when you improve only your weaknesses? You become average, at best. Therefore, we advocate a heavy focus on your strengths.  

Does that mean you get to ignore your weaknesses?  No, afraid not.  Rather than focusing on weaknesses, we encourage you to manage your weaknesses so they don't undermine your overall effectiveness.  In this way, you become your very best you.

After you watch the video, log on to the: Strengths Finder Test .  It takes about 45 minutes. Either use the Access Code if it was provided to you or purchase a code at that site for $20.

Once you take the test, you should have access to your test results.  Be sure to print out the Signature Themes Report and the Strengths Insight Guide.  These documents provide great insights into how you utilize your strengths as well as identify opportunities for growth.

In the Designed For Legacy (DFL) Journal page (download PDF above) you'll find the Personal Discovery Exercise where you can summarize your results.  Since the Gallup reports provide a lot of information, there is real power in taking the effort to summarize the findings with key words and metaphors that resonate with you. If seeing a completed example of the Personal Discovery Exercise would be helpful, checkout the download section within this module.

For each of your top 5 strengths, you'll also identify one of four leadership domains that each strength falls under.  The table below defines each of the four domains:

Coach / Partner Conversations:

Which of the four domains (Executing, Relationship Building, Strategic Thinking, Influencing) was most prevalent for you?  What might that suggest for your future work or calling?  In what ways is your present education / work path aligned with what you learned about yourself in this exercise?  What future adjustments do you want to consider?

Strength Table.png