I had an independent company interview a few of my clients so you can hear right from them about their experience with the coaching process.

Daniel J.


Daniel decided to get coaching for two reasons. First of all, he and Todd have been long-time friends. Secondly, he was intrigued and fascinated by the concept of coaching.

"... I like how my coach asks intentional and strategic questions to help me process what God has put on my heart.  In a 45 minute coaching conversation, I've made more progress with God on issues that I wasn't able to get through over a 3 year period working through it on my own."

Randy K.


Since this was Randy’s first time working with a coach he didn’t know quite what to expect and was a bit hesitant of becoming too focused on dredging up the past looking for problems. But since he has known Todd for a long time he decided to try it.

"...I feel like I'm walking slowly down the path of committing to the things we identified at being important in my life. I feel like before I was drifting from what was important and now I am drifting less."

Micah S.


Micah had preconceived notions of what working with a coach would be like, which didn't make him excited about working with one. As part of an internship he had to work with one and was pleasantly surprised when working with Todd to be much different than expected. 

"I’m more self-aware and conscious of who I am and who God designed me to be. I realized that I am different and unique and that relates to a unique and special calling God is moving me towards right now."

Sarah J.


After seeing the results that her husband had working with Todd, Sarah decided to start using his coaching services. Through working with Todd, Sarah has gained a better awareness of herself and ability to focus better in order to lead herself and others better.

"I have been able to focus better and able to actualize some of the dreams inside of me. I have also had a greater awareness of myself and have been able to lead myself better, which in turn has helped me lead others around me better as well."

Yidy M.


Yidy decided to work with a coach because she wanted to learn more about herself and what made her tick. She has been impressed with Todd's approach because he seeks continuous improvement in coaching and takes an extra step for God and his clients. 

"...I also found myself being more confident in who I am knowing that God has created me uniquely. I think compared to myself before the coaching, I am more proactive in making changes through actions, rather than just having the idea in mind. I am excited for the future sessions as well!"